SYS Institutes 10 and 2 Snack Program

Effective this week, SYS started providing a bottle of water and small snack at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM at no cost to our children.  As the name implies, we’re providing a small snack……..not a mid-day meal of sugar and dye infused foods with no nutritional value.

Our first attempt at providing snacks at SYS was an absolute flop.  Snack time was taking entirely too long, impacting scheduled activities.  In addition, there was the matter of the haves and have nots….money-wise.  Some of our kids had to do without because they didn’t have or expended their cash accounts.  No more broken hearts.

We have found that If you give a youngster a choice, they will go for the junk food and soda….impacting lunch and dinner…..not good.  We wish to make a better choice for our youngsters.

With funding from the Girls Club Trust, we’ll be able to sustain this program for about a month.  Once those funds are expended, we’ll be asking families to help in the form of cases of bottled water and/or nutritious snacks.

We will continue to have a “treat” at the end of the day on Monday’s……snow cone day…..and we’d like to have a “treat” at the end of the day on Friday’s……making it watermelon day.



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