SYS Gives Go-Ahead on Several Projects

With the recent influx of funding from grants, several projects at SYS are about to begin.  A “Notice to Proceed” has been issued to Trinity Air Conditioning for the SYS HVAC Replacements Project.  This project provides all new heating and air conditioning equipment for the SYS program building.

LRW Fabricators have been given the OK to construct a 15′ x 30′ awning at the west entry to the SYS program building.  This project is tied to the playground project that is expected to begin late fall.  The new awning will provide protection for SYS children from that brutal sun in the late afternoon. 

An order has been placed to SICO America for all new cafeteria style tables.  SYS will be eliminating the plastic tables and metal chairs.  With just a snap of a lever, SYS staff will be able to move all table/seating assemblies in seconds.  As the name implies…..the main activity area can used for activities were clear floor spaces is needed.

SYS is working with a flooring contractor to provide all new flooring for the main activity area and game room.  This work is expected to begin in August.

The game room project has begun.  Within a couple of weeks, the game room should be painted-out and made ready for the recently purchased televisions and game systems.

The funding for a presentation center (mini-theater) and computer lab is expected in September.

In about six months, the Southside Youth Senter will have quite a new “look”.





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