Governor’s Order

As many of you have heard, Gov. Abbott has announced that Texas will be opening at 100% capacity and the mask mandates will end on March 10,2021. Many of you have already asked what that means for Southside Youth Senter.

Safety for our families as well as our staff remains to be number one priority for Southside Youth Senter

As of right now, we are still awaiting guidance from Licensing on what they want us to do, and what we are allowed to do. As soon as we receive guidance from licensing we will let you know what we will be doing.

As for now, all Southside Youth Senter policies and procedures will stay in place. ALL children will be required to undergo temperature checks/ hand sanitizing upon boarding the van/ arrival to the center, as well as upon departure from the center. Still, families will not be allowed to enter the building or the playground, except for the front lobby. Also, students will still be required to wear masks at all times on the vans. Children 10 years of age and older will still be required to wear a mask at all times while at Southside Youth Senter, with the exception of outdoor activity.
Again, once we receive word from licensing we will update you as soon as possible. However if you wish for your child to continue wearing a mask while at Southside Youth Senter, please email Mr. Tyler at, or send a message via ClassDojo, and we will ensure to abide by your wishes.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Southside Youth Senter

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