Family Handbook and Parent Bill of Rights

As a Parent/ Guardian of a child enrolled in Southside Youth Senter’s After-School, School Breaks/ Holidays, and/or Summer Program you are legally entitled to the following rights per Texas Senate Bill 1098. 

  1. The right to enter and inspect the child-care facilities during Southside Youth Senter’s  hours of operation without advance notice.
    1. After School Programming: Monday – Friday 12:00 PM- 6:00 PM
    2. School Breaks/ Holidays/Summer Programming:  Monday – Friday 7:30 AM- 06:00 PM
  2. File a complaint against Southside Youth Senter.
    1. To file a complaint against Southside Youth Senter, Parents/Guardians may contact our Licensing Representative via the following information 

Gena Barrington, Inspector

Texas Health and Human Services

Division of Child Care Licensing and Regulation

4601 S. 1st St.

Abilene, TX 79605

Office: 325-795-5545

  1. The right to review Southside Youth Senter’s Public Records, including but not limited to Inspection Reports, 990’s, Current Board of Directors Information. 
  2. The right to review your child(ren)’s student records and any records concerning your child(ren).
  3. Be provided with the Commission’s inspection reports for Southside Youth Senter by Southside Youth Senter upon request. 
  4. The Right to require Southside Youth Senter to comply with a court order preventing another individual from visiting or removing your child(ren).
  5. The right to be provided information for the division for regulating Southside Youth Senter. (Refer to #2 above).
  6. The right to inspect any video recordings of an alleged incident of abuse or neglect involving your child(ren) provided that:
    1. video recordings of the alleged incident are available.
    2. the parent or guardian of the child is not allowed to retain any part of the video recording depicting a child who is not the parent’s or guardian’s child.
    3. the parent or guardian of any other child captured in the video recording receives notice from the facility under Subsection
  7. The right to obtain a copy of Southside Youth Senter’s Policies and Procedures.
  1. The right to review, upon request, Southside Youth Senter’s:
    1. Staff Training records
    2. In-house staff training curriculum used by Southside Youth Senter
  2.  The right to be free from any retaliatory action by Southside Youth Senter for exercising any of the parents/ guardians rights as listed in this document.