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Game Room Project Slated For Completion

By September 1st, the Southside Youth Senter will have an all new game room.  With the majority of the painting completed and graphics installed, contractors and suppliers have been lined-out to make electrical modifications/additions, provide an all new flooring system and fabricate seating for nearly 30 youngsters. On the way out is the well worn air hockey...
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Fall Volleyball Program Kicks Off On September 29th

Southside Youth Senter's fall volleyball program kicks off on September 29th.  The eight week season is expected to wrap-up (including the tournament) before the Thanksgiving holiday.  The practice schedule begins on the 21st of September. Over 260 young athletes have formed 30 teams.  This happens to be Southside's biggest fall volleyball turnout ever! Since its volleyball season...
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SYS Gives Go-Ahead on Several Projects

With the recent influx of funding from grants, several projects at SYS are about to begin.  A "Notice to Proceed" has been issued to Trinity Air Conditioning for the SYS HVAC Replacements Project.  This project provides all new heating and air conditioning equipment for the SYS program building. LRW Fabricators have been given the OK to construct a...
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SYS Institutes 10 and 2 Snack Program

Effective this week, SYS started providing a bottle of water and small snack at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM at no cost to our children.  As the name implies, we're providing a small snack........not a mid-day meal of sugar and dye infused foods with no nutritional value. Our first attempt at providing snacks at SYS was an absolute flop. ...
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