Rules and Discipline Policy

  1. Respect your building and don’t run inside!
  2. Respect others by refraining from personal contact between members (hitting, kicking, pulling hair, biting, kissing, hugging, etc.)
  3. Respect your staff by speaking appropriately, no talking back and not striking any staff member in an aggressive manner.
  4. No throwing items.
  5. Respect everyone by not calling them names or using profane or inappropriate language of any sort.
  6. Alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco use is prohibited. Weapons of any kind (including toys) are not allowed on the premises.
  7. Ask and receive permission before entering the cubby area.
  8. Please. Dispose of all trash appropriately and responsibly.
  9. Respect others and ask before you borrow something that is not yours.
  10. Absolutely no fighting of any sort!!

Discipline Policy

Discipline is essential to provide a safe, yet fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Without discipline, chaos will ensue and be counter-productive to our goal, which is to aid members in the development of social interaction and life skills.

  1. 1st Offense: Verbal warning
  2. 2nd Offense: Written warning and incident report. Staff will separate member from group or activity and administer an alternate activity such as trash duty, cleaning, writing sentences, wall-sits, jumping jacks, etc.
  3. 3rd Offense: If the same offense has occurred parents will be contacted. Written warning with parent review. Member will be sent to Director for further disposition in one of the above mentioned. Child could be suspended from program for up to three days.
  4. 4th Offense: If the parent is receiving multiple phone calls regarding his/her child, a meeting will be set to discuss other courses of action for the member. Child could be suspended for a longer period of time or terminated from program.
  5. STRIKING STAFF OR FIGHTING IS NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME! If a member is caught fighting, parent/guardian will be called and asked to pick up his/her child. A minimum of a 3 days suspension and or program termination may be necessary depending on the severity of the infraction. This will be discussed with the parent on an individual basis when the parent arrives at the facility to pick up the child. The decision to discipline, suspend or terminate the child’s membership will be the sole decision of the Executive Director.